Why is the CUT important?

If a diamond is not cut well, it will not show the maximum fire, brilliance and sparkle.  If a jeweler is trying to stress the importance of a diamond's color and clarity but not its cut, they might be trying to hide the fact that it is not cut well.

A diamond that is cut TOO DEEP will look smaller than its actual carat weight when compared to a well cut diamond.  Likewise, a diamond that is cut TOO SHALLOW will look bigger than its actual carat weight but will not sparkle to its full potential.

Without attention to quality cutting, light is lost and not returned to the eye:



_  _  _


The proportions displayed by the diamond are very significant.  Two key factors in the grading of cut quality are DEPTH PERCENTAGE and TABLE PERCENTAGE.  Measurements of three different parameters allows for easy calulation of these percentages by using the formulas expressed below.

_ _ _