How to Buy

At The Diamond Source you will discover an unequal diamond experience.  As direct diamond importers, we specialize in ideal and premium cut diamonds accompanied by a GIA Certificate.  This ensures that your diamond has been graded to the highest standards available.

Our staff is dedicated to seeing that you are completely satisfied with your purchase, as well as being educated about the diamond that you choose.  Because of this, it is important to us that you understand all of the factors that go into purchasing a diamond.  Please refer to our Diamond Education page to learn more and use that knowledge to decide which diamond shape and size you prefer, and which of the Four C's have the highest priority for you.

Please remember that the diamonds that best retain their value are those of higher quality.  The cutting quality of a diamond determines its brilliance and dispersion ("fire").  The Diamond Source carries only quality diamonds cut to strict standards with all Round Brilliants being either Premium Cut or Ideal Cut.